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Welcome back for another year of Cub Scouting!

This year, Pack 365 will be participating in the annual Scout Popcorn Sale to raise the funds needed for Pack activities. This raises the usual questions regarding each Scout’s dues obligations, so here’s an overview of the options available to your Scout:

The annual dues for each and every Scout in Pack 365 is $100 per year, paid to the Pack funds. This covers the costs of operating the Pack, such as purchasing rank and achievement materials, reserving meeting spaces and campgrounds, partial provisioning of campouts and the like.  Please note the annual dues are separate from the national registration fee of $33 paid at the beginning of each year.

Option A: Participate in the Pack Fundraiser
Scouts are encouraged to participate in the annual Pack fundraiser to meet their dues obligation. For 2017-18, the Pack will participate in the annual BSA Popcorn Sale during the months of September and October.  A portion of the proceeds (32%) will be applied to the scout’s dues until their obligation is met.  The remainder of the proceeds goes to Simon Kenton Council and the popcorn manufacturer (over 70% of the total proceeds goes back to Scouting).

For the 2017 sale, Pack 365 will again be emphasizing the importance of Summer Camp, with the following incentives:


These incentives are in addition to the prizes found in their sales flyer (which are very popular with the scouts). Click here for a PDF copy of the 2017 Popcorn Prize Form

$300 in sales will cover the scout’s yearly dues.  If your Scout participates in the Popcorn sale and is unable to meet the $300 sales minimum to pay his annual dues obligation, then the remaining portion of his annual dues will be your responsibility to pay out-of-pocket by the December 13th final dues deadline.  For example, your scout sells $100 in popcorn.  In that case, $32 would be applied towards his dues, meaning you would owe $68.

Option B: Pay Annual Dues
Each Scout’s annual dues obligations can be met by paying the $100 in dues directly to the Pack, cash or check. You can pay all at once or in installments. If you choose to pay installments, then the 2017-2018 deadlines for said installments are October 11th ($35), November 8th ($35), and December 13th ($30). You may see your Den Leader, the Pack Treasurer or the Cubmaster regarding this option. If your Scout misses or does not participate in the Pack Fundraiser, then this is your only option for meeting your annual dues obligation.

Click here for a high resolution PDF copy of the 2017 Product Popcorn Offerings

Fun Fact!  Scouts of Pack 365 voted Sea Salt Splash as their overall favorite popcorn flavor again in 2017! Four years running!

Pack 365 Popcorn Kernel for 2017: Chad Cucksey Click Here to Send Mail to Kernel


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